Terms of use – Imola Hotel Platán wellness

  1. Only guests with a valid wristband may enter the wellness area. By purchasing a ticket all visitors accept the house rules.
  2. All guests are expected to follow guidance from the wellness staff.
  3. First aid is provided by wellness staff.
  4. Wellness services cannot be provided or will be refused in the following cases:
    - Guests with fever, contagious disease or skin condition
    - Guests with conditions associated with loss of consciousness or with pathological convulsive state or extensive lesions
    - Guests under the influence of narcotic drugs or alcohol
    - Guests with extensive open or bandaged wounds
    - Guests causing intentional damage, displaying inappropriate or antisocial behaviour
    - Guests under 16 years of age are not allowed to use the facilities
    - Any guest previously banned by management
  5. It is forbidden to use outdoor footwear in the shower and pool areas
  6. Please shower before using the pools
  7. Guests can use the pools, sauna and Jacuzzi at their own risk.
  8. Guests are kindly requested to wear a bathing suit, bikini or other appropriate swimwear when using the pools
  9. Please wear slippers by the poolside. Please mind that the poolside may be wet, which increases the risk of slipping. Please be careful.
  10. Jumping or diving into the pools is not allowed.
  11. Please refrain from playing ball games in the pools
  12. Please do not bring any fragile or dangerous items to the pool area
  13. Please do not use any inflatable floats (armbands, matrices, boats…) in the pool
  14. It is strictly forbidden to eat or drink alcohol in the pools, saunas, showers and changing rooms
  15. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the wellness area
  16. No pets are allowed in the wellness area with the exception of guide dogs
  17. We kindly ask all guests to preserve the condition of the premises and use the facilities in an appropriate manner
  18. Please always use a sheet in the sauna to sit on
  19. Please always shower between using the sauna and the pools or Jacuzzi
  20. Please only use soap, shampoo or shaving products in the changing rooms and their showers; never in the pool or sauna areas
  21. Any guest intentionally causing damage is subject to liability claims for damages
  22. If the wristwatch/wristband is lost a 2 000 HUF surcharge will be incurred.
  23. The Hotel is not responsible for items placed in the changing room lockers
  24. The “Customers’ Book” – an official record of guest remarks and complaints – is always available at Reception to all Guests – in accordance with legal regulation.



Eger, 12. december 2012

Imola Hotel Platán Management


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