The most important ingredient is passion.

Bajzán Attila - Imola Hotel Platán séf

My name is Attila Bajzát, chef of Imola Hotel Platán. I believe that without love, cooking is futile, like any other activity.
Our hotel is also true to harmony and love.
My passion is to make meals true to the countryside, using local raw materials, spicing it up with a little modernity, while keeping the original tastes. I also intend to make them healthier to be more suitable for modern age expectations.

Making traditional meals and keeping traditions alive are as important to me as cooking for wine- and gala dinners. Both mean challenges for me.

Here, at the feet of the Bükk Mountains, we have an excellent opportunity to make a marvelous menu from the game of local forests, and from local mushrooms, fruit, fish, home-made cheese and jam. Our guests can experience a fantastic journey of real gastronomy coupled with the noble wines of Eger and its countryside.

Our goal is to make true Hungarian and soft, modern, fresh meals, suitable for our guests’ likes, while using the most cutting-edge cooking technologies.

Naturally, special desserts are also important elements of our exclusive menu.

I am proud to be part of the team at Imola Hotel Platán, and I believe in that harmony can be created in the kitchen and at your table as well.

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