Spa etiquette

Welcome to Imola Hotel Platán Spa! If this is your first visit, please read the below information, so we can make your time as pleasant and relaxing as possible. Your body and soul will be grateful!

This is Your time

In order to make your visit to the Spa most pleasant, please let our staff assist you in personalizing your treatment.

Appointments and cancellation

We advise you to arrive at the Spa at least 10 minutes before your treatment starts.
Unforeseen events may prevent our guests from showing up for their treatment. Please let us know as soon as you can if you need to cancel your appointment.
Please note, that we charge 50% of the treatment price if cancellation takes place 4 hours before the appointment; if the appointment is not cancelled the full charge will be posted on your account.

Spa dress code

Our Hotel provides bathrobes for the duration of your visit. Guests are allowed to wear their own bathing suit or underwear, or alternatively, we can provide disposable underwear. Please always wear your bathing suit in public areas. Sauna sheets are provided by the Spa. Please do not wear bathing suit or any footwear in the saunas! Please leave your valuables in your room safe or deposit them at Reception for safekeeping, as we cannot take responsibility for them if they get lost in the Spa.

Health conditions

Please inform our staff of any condition affecting your health, so we can personalize your treatment accordingly.

Mobile phones and smoking

Guests are kindly asked to preserve the tranquillity of the Spa by switching off or silencing their mobile devices. Please do not disturb other Guests with talking loudly on the phone!
Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Spa area.



Thank You for Your kind co-operation!
We wish You the most pleasant relaxation!
Imola Hotel Platán 



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