Radonic thermal pool

gyogyaszat 02 platan-hotelRadonic bath have been used for curing locomotor disorders since the beginning of the last century. Radon works as a painkiller, it stimulates the immune system and reduces inflammation. Our radonic pool provides a great opportunity for relaxation. It has a very positive effect on joint-, nervous system-, spinal- and muscle problems. The radonic water makes the veins expand, so it serves as a very good painkiller. The radon, which emits alpha rays, reaches the organism through the skin and with breathing. It builds up in the adipose tissue, in the nervous tissue, in liquids and in the adrenal gland, before it empties after a few days. 

Sulphurous outdoor thermal pool

While having bath, the sulphur gets absorbed not only by the skin, but it manages to get in the organism with breathing as well. So it can reach and build up in tissues untouched by the cardiovascular system, like cartilages. In case of certain joint disorders, the sulphuric acid gets reduced in the joints, so having bath in sulphurous water can be really beneficial for those, who suffer from these kinds of problems. Our sulphurous thermal pool offers our guests an excellent opportunity for relaxation and recreation on our roof terrace, with spectacular view.As a byeffect it stimulates the breathing by making it deeper and faster. The sulphur settles in the mucous membrane and in the joints and it raises the vitamin C level. Sulphurous water can positively influence the processes of the whole organism related to sulphuor. It is also recommended for stomach and indigestion problems, gynecological, dermatological disorders and chronic inflammations.

Salt water pool

wellness 02 platan-hotel

Salt has very strong stimulus, so it can make the defense-, and the immune system of the organism more awake for longer period. Its antiphlogistic effect is applied in the field of urulogy and gynaecology and it is also very beneficial in curing certain skin diseases, like psoriasis. Besides strengthening the immune system, salt can enhance the function of the stomach, and also can soften gynecological and locomotor disorders.
In salt mines, salt floats in the air, clearing it from harmful bacterias and allergens. Today, salt therapy is consciously used in the form of breathing-, and bathing therapies. Salt plays a main role in regulating the biological balance of the organism, its disinfecting feature is also significant. Salt water bath are recommended for rheumatic and locomotor disorders, neurological disorders, gyaecologocal and dermatological problems, and also for stress relief and relaxation.
Concentrated salt water has higher effency in keeping and conveying temperature than fresh water, so our guests may feel the heightened body warmth for longer period of time. This water helps the blood circulation in the limbs and it reduces joint-, and muscle pain. A 30 minute salt bath is equivalent in effect to a 3 day fast in excrement reduction.


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