Finnish sauna

Sauna is a word of Finnish origin, the word „savu” means smoke. Parts of the ritual are heating up in the hot-dry sauna cabin and cooling down on fresh air or in a cold bath. The process of changing these two methods delliberatly is often called „sauna round”. It is recommended to take such rounds at least once a week. Sauna promotes the peace of body and mind, accelerates the purification of the body and improves its circulation with a toxic eliminator effect.

Aroma sauna

The aroma sauna has a higher humidity, which is set and calibrated by a special bio-sauna stove. The sauna ensures a refreshing experience not only for the body both for the soul as well. Essential oils are vaporized which gives you a relaxing and refreshing feeling.

Bio sauna

This is the mild version of the finnish sauna with a tempreture of only 60-80 °C. Recommended time and in the sauna is 15 minutes. It has many benefical effects on the body such as detoxication, stress combat, purifying an immune system strenghtening and also protects the body against infections. An inbuilt light therapy makes the session more enjoyable.
Light therapy unfolds its positive effects in the brain using the eyes as mediator. It is a smart tool to prevent diseases affecting the bofy and the mind or can be used as an auxiliary method to cure such diseases. Each color has a different impact igniting different part of the body.
Blue: nervous system, bloodpressure, insomnia
Green: relaxing regeneration and inspiring effects, good for the lungs, skin, effective against headache and muscle immflamation.
Yellow: strenghtens the good mood and the nervous system, improves the body and the minds activity but contraindicated for stressed people.
Red: the colour of vitaity, good for circulation, digestion and the muscles, triggers strong emotional feelings.

Alpine hay sauna

It is a new product of the latest development. Vegetable topics vaprize on high temperature in the cabin and these elements get in the body by breathing and trough the skin and ease the pain in the muscles. It is also a good immune booster but not reccomended for guest suffering from pollen allergy.

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