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The sea knows the answer for beauty, vitality and well-being…

Algologie unites and uses natural ingredients in its products, creating efficient, rich in sea-based ingredients, high quality cosmetics. This efficiency has been recognized world-wide during the past 25 years.


It is not only a simple treatment, but an experience, which lifts us from the weekdays with the help of the noblest ingredients.

  • Pampering chocolate wrap
  • Bourbon ritual
  • Spicy experience ritual
  • Magnificent amber ritual


Balteotherapy, the whirpool-bath slenderizes, detoxifies  and relaxes the body by the chosen scent experience.

  • Orange crystal bath
  • Amber crystal bath

Body treatments

Our massage therapies serve for well-being and relaxing. They should not be considered as medical treatments.

  • Grape seed oil massage
  • Cedar World body massage
  • Argan oil body massage
  • Deep see dream facial massage
  • Coral path feet massage
  • Deep hydrating body massage
  • Orange-cinnamon shea butter body massage
  • Amber shea butter body massage
  • Orange melting-honey gel body massage

Body scrubs


If we remove the dead epidermis, we can significantly facilitate the absorption of the ingredients used during the treatments.

  • Honey-almond scrub massage
  • Vanilla dream body scrub
  • Tales of the Middle-East body scrub

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