Steam bath, Salt chamber, Kneipp basin

Infrared therapy room

In this room infrared heaters are built in behind the walls to guarantee a steady infra effect for the whole body.  40-45 C° of heat makes the body sweat. It improves the immune system and the body’s detoxication process and has an outstanding effect on the skin.

Steam bath

The humidity of a steam cabin is extremely high (80%) in a tempreture of only 40-50°C. This provides a pleasant sweting climate for the body. Its effects are similar of the finnish sauna with the advantage of an exceptionally relaxing effect, the main reason it is recommended for insomiac.

Salt chamber

The walls of the salt chamber are made of saltbrick from the Himalaya. The air is salty,  completely dust-, and stimulus-free while it is both antiallergic and antibacteric. Salt is very effective against immflamation and can be used for treating joint-, and skin problems. It is also remedial for bloodpressure, kidney, nervous and sleeping problems as well as slowing ageing process. The illuminated saltbricks combat stress.

Kneipp basin

The Kneipp basin contains a set of cold (12-14 °C) and a warm (38-40 °C) pools, which are combined to boost the circulation in the foots and the legs. 
You may start the treatment with the warm pool (50 seconds), then continue with the cold (10 seconds). You repeat this 10-15 times and finish it with the cold. It makes you relaxed on the evening and fresher on the morning. The stones gently massage the reflexzones of the feet advancing the regulation process in the organ.

Solar Beach

The human body needs vitamine sunshine contains every single day. This goal can be achieved by using the hotel’s Solar Beach troughout the yeah. It helps to multiply the dose of vitamine D in the organic structure, which among other things boosts the absorption of calcium and gives your skin a wonderfull colour. The spirit of the Solar Beach invokes the bech feeling troughout the year however it is contraindicated for too white, sensitive and freckled skin and pregnancy.
2000 HUF/15 mins

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