Its physiological effects are mostly pain relief and mild congestion improvement. We use this therapy  to treat joint swellings and local oedemas. The local temperature development results in aneurysm, improved metabolism and blood circulation, muscular spasm relief and connective tissue loosening. During the treatment we can get different kinds of medicine through the skin into the organsim. It can serve as a solution to prevent muscle strength reduction or to regenerate weak muscles. Furthermore, we apply electrotherapy in cases of locomotor disorders, dermatological inflammation processes, dental and otolaryngological problems.

3.200 HUF/ 15 mins


Ultrasound is mechanical vibration which indicates a micromassage in the soft tissues. This treatment also works as a catalyst of getting medical agents to deeper layers. Ultrasound can be used for all kinds of rheumatic diseases and locomotive disorders, has a vasodilator and a wound-healing effect. Our medical department is equipped with the most modern Static Ultrasound device.

3.800 HUF/ 15 mins

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