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Massage therapy

Treatment prescribed by medical professional and carried out for curing purposes, which is usually connected to other types of treatment like physiotherapy. It is an ancient method of healing. Its main goals are to stimulate the blood circulation and to loosen tight muscles. It is appropiate to use the thermal pool before the treatment, because the warmth helps the body to loosen.

5.300 HUF/ 25 mins
8.900 HUF/ 45 mins

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Tangentor/Hydro massage

This is a new type of massage based on therapeutic use of warm thermal water. The essence  of hydro massage is applying massage techniques to the human body through the water. The whole body of water vibrates in the tub, treating the eintire body of the patient. Hydro massage therapy can help alleviate muscle spasm and soft tissue injuries, it also has an advancing effect on circulation system while relaxing the whole body.

4.600 HUF/ 15 mins
Aromafürdővel 6.300 HUF/ 30 mins

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